April Preview: 
Frozen food sales: April 5,12,19, 26 1-3 pm
April 2, 16, 23, 30, 11 am: Open Bible
April 9, 11 am: Ecumenical Easter Service and lunch,
April 12, 3 pm: Board meeting 
April 19, 1-3 pm: Chicken paprikas lunch with homemade noodles, pickles, and dessert to eat here or takeout, for $20. BY RESERVATION ONLY – Call 941-786-8675 or email at hcspetoficlub@gmail.com by April 16. 
April 23, 12:30 pm General Meeting

March dates: 

Frozen food sales: March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 1-3 pm. Frozen Hungarian sausage and liver sausage available! 
March 1, 4 pm: IT Education 
March 4, 3:30 - evening: works of sculptor Géza Gáspár. Exhibition and items available to purchase! 
March 5, 12, 26, 11 a.m.: Open Bible Church Worship 
March 8, 3 pm: Board Meeting 
March 14, 2 pm: Commemoration of March 15 with dr.  Márta Mátrai, Speaker of the House of the Hungarian Parliament, and Péter B. Nagy, Consul in New York. 
As part of the ceremony, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of HCS/Petőfi Club, by giving thanks to our founding members. 
Our honorary guests will be: László Teklics László Kajtsa, Béla Dobák, Nováky Judit, Zabava Marika. 
A festive lunch will be served following the ceremonies. 
Cauliflower soup, breaded tenderloin, parsley potatoes, cucumber salad, dessert, coffee. 

RSVP by the evening of March 9 at 941-786-8675, 
or by email: hcspetoficlub@gmail.com 
Lunch $25, children under 16 are $10. 

/Cash, check, credit card payments accepted/ 
March 18, 4 pm:  "Musical Adventure from Kolozsvar to Broadway "  
Zoltán Nagy with vocals, Alfonz Barta on piano 
From the most beautiful works of Hungarian and international opera, operetta and musical literature 

Advance purchase of tickets until March 15 are $20 per person, at the door $30, and for students $10. 
Advance purchase can be made by calling 941-786-8675, at the Hungarian Christian Society from 1-3 pm on Wednesdays, or on Sundays after worship service, or by mail at 165 N. Jackson Rd, Venice, FL 34292.  

/Payment can be made by Cash, check or credit card/ 
The performance will be followed by a reception.  
A cold buffet will also be available where you can select from various salads, sandwiches, little biscuits, pastries, etc. that can be purchased.  
March 19, 11 am: Ecumenical Worship 
March 19, 5 pm: Celebration of the Spring Equinox.
March 22, from 1 to 3 pm: Chicken paprikash with homemade noodles,  pickles, dessert to eat here or takeout, for $20. BY RESERVATION ONLY – Call 941-786-8675 or email at hcspetoficlub@gmail.com by March 20. 
March 29, 4 pm: IT Education 

We reserve the right to make changes.  

March Newsletter

Frozen foods available:
Hungarian stuffed cabbage                                                    $16.00 
Pork and sauerkraut                                                               $16.00
Pork stew                                                                                  $16.00

Stuffed peppers                                                                        $16.00


Frozen Fresh Sausage                                                     
$8.00 per lb.
Hungarian "Hurka"                                                     $10.00 per lb.
Hungarian Scout Sausage  2 lb. Package                              $25.00 
                                                                                         $7.00 1 stick
Soup of the day                                                           $11.00 (32 oz.)
                                                                                       $6.00 (16 oz.)
Creamed Zucchini with Dill                                     $11.00 (32 oz.)                                                                                                  $6.00 (16 oz.)
Hungarian Vegetable Ragu with Paprika Sauce (32 oz. container)
                                                                               $11.00 Vegetarian
                                                                           $16.00 with Sausage

Les Gárdi, CPA
Accounting, Tax and Consulting Services
Pine Park Center, 7061 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL
Phone: 941-925-2095 Fax: 941-927-2095 Cell: 941-928-0393

Magyar bélyeggyüjtemény adás, vétel, csere,
hívja Soltay Istvánt:

Hirdetési lehetőség a Híradónkban:
Alkalmanként:                        Évente:
¼ oldal           $25                       $200
½ oldal            $50                       $400
1 oldal            $100                     $600

Sweets Available:
Hungarian Crepes                                               $2.00 jam filling
Nut or Poppyseed Rolls                                         made to order
Various small pastries

Also available: 
Hungarian sweet paprika (8 oz.)                                         $6.00 

Homemade sour dough bread  

The 2023 membership of $25 per person can be purchased at every function, on Wednesdays, or by mail. Please make out check to HCS, and mail it to Hungarian Christian Society 165 N. Jackson Rd., Venice, Florida 34293. 



Hungarian Christian Society / Petőfi Klub

165 N. Jackson Road, Venice, FL. 34292    Klub Tel. (941) 786-8675    Email: hcspetoficlub@gmail.com